Somaliland: Swedish delegation arrives in Somaliland

A delegation from Sweden arrived in Somaliland on Monday to assess the impact of the ravaging drought in the country.

Somaliland’s special envoy to the EU, Mikael Torstensson, is currently in the nation’s capital with Swedish MP Magnus Oscarsson and Somaliland’s representative to Sweden, Zakaria Hassan Waes.

According to an earlier post on Torstensson’s Facebook page, International Aid Services, a Swedish NGO, is expected to arrive in Somaliland this week to aid drought victims in the eastern region of Sanaag.

Torstensson and Swedish MP Magnus Oscarsson are also expected to meet with senior government officials and parliamentarians during their stay.

Torstensson was appointed Somaliland’s special envoy to the EU by Somaliland’s Foreign Minister, Saad Ali Shire, in March 2016.

Since his appointment, Torstensson has tirelessly advocated for the recognition of the Republic of Somaliland within the European Union and has brought greatly-needed attention the country.