Somaliland: Somaliland asks US for exemption to revised travel ban

 The Government of the Republic of Somaliland is asking the Trump Administration for an exemption to the revised travel ban, that was rolled out earlier this week.

Foreign affairs minister, Saad Ali Shire wrote a letter on March 9th to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly requesting the exemption to the travel ban.

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“As Somaliland and the United States seek to advance shared security and economic interests, immigration policies directed at Somalia must not be applied to citizens of our country,” Shire said.

In a previous letter sent to the State Department on January 21st, Shire mentioned the vast differences between the Republic of Somaliland and Somalia – primarily matters relating to peace and security.

In the letter, Shire stressed that the Republic of Somaliland has not experienced the emergence of terrorist organizations in contrast to Somalia, where homegrown extremist group al-Shabaab continues to carry out deadly attacks.

The US State Department has yet to comment on the request made by Somaliland’s Foreign Ministry.