Somaliland: Waddani teams up with Somalia’s UK Embassy to protest against UAE military base

Somaliland’s main opposition party is teaming up with Somalia’s UK Embassy to organize a demonstration against the Somaliland-UAE military base deal.

The demonstration is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 2nd outside the United Arab Emirate’s embassy in London.

According to reports, Waddani leader Abdirahman Irro, and senior of Waddani officials originally planned to organize a small demonstration of Waddani supporters outside the UAE embassy, before being contacted by officials at Somalia’s UK embassy.

After agreeing to team up with the embassy, a flyer of the demonstration with the Somalia flag started to circulate on social media – infuriating many Somalilanders.

Waddani has often been accused of secretly having pro-unity views and ties to politicians from Somalia, but this is the first time the party has openly displayed an alliance with the Government of Somalia.

Despite public outrage on social media, Waddani’s leadership has yet to speak about their cooperation with Somalia’s UK Embassy

Many Somalilanders on social media are calling on Abdirahman Irro and senior Waddani officials to resign and for both houses of Somaliland’s parliament to initiate a treason investigation.

*Close sources to The National are also stating that the organizers of the UK protest – who are senior members of Waddani’s UK branch – have been banned from entering the UAE and the Republic of Somaliland.

It is also being reported that a counter-demonstration is currently being organized by supporters of the military base at the same location for March 2nd.

This is a developing story. Please check back at The National for more.

* The National can confirm that the insider sources who have provided us with this information are trusted sources.

Source: The National