Somaliland: Political parties disagree on holding elections

NEC stated readiness technically to hold election on time.

Presidential candidates of the 3 political parties failed to agree on holding the presidential election, as scheduled on March 28, 2017; at a meeting organized by the National Electoral Commission.

At the meeting, NEC told the 3 presidential candidates that it is technically ready to hold the Presidential election on March 28 2017.

The 3 candidates in their discussion could not agree on holding the elections; because the 2 opposition parties suggested ‘Postponement of the Election’ due to the drought and the ruling party suggested to leave the decision to be made by NEC.

Chairman of Justice and Welfare Party (UCID) Feisal Ali Warabe  told the media after meeting that they failed to agree on holding election on schedule or postponing it.

Elaborating this he said, “Our party is trying to continue talks in order to get solution for the difference of opinion. I think the destiny of the country can’t be decided by NEC; as the issue is moral and national. At present, we are not in a situation that we should give priority to the wishes of the international community. We are in a position to have conscience and think about the condition of our people that are affected by the severe drought.”


Mr. Feisal explained the similarities of this drought to that of 1974, when the Soviet Union came to our rescue and helped settle the drought affected people along the Jubba River. He also emphasized that Somaliland has to depend on itself and save its people.

“Elections can be held at the appropriate time, as the drought situation in the country is very severe. We shouldn’t consider those who can afford to have bottled water to drink. We have started rebuilding our country from scratch and without tangible international aid. We have to pray and ask the Almighty God to ease the drought situation.”


UCID presidential candidate promised that talks will continue and difference will be solved through concession and dialogue; which has been the traditional way of solving our problems.

Presidential candidate for WADDANI Party Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi (Cirro) told the media after the meeting that this is the right time to hold the election.

“The drought has also affected the western regions where those stricken by the drought came and settled. This is not the right time to distribute Voting Cards nor hold election on March 28 2017,” he said.

Presidential candidate for KULMIYE, the ruling party Musa Bihi Abdi said, “We have discussed 2 issues the drought and the election. As the ruling party candidate, we give priority to the drought. We agree as government, political parties and the people to do everything possible to ease the effects of the drought. We are human and as such what we can do is limited and as such we have to pray and ask God to ease the drought.”

He added that the National Electoral Commission is constitutionally empowered to reach decision, on when the election can be held and Would accept their decision.