Somaliland: World Food Program WFP & FSNAU Failed Their Fundamental Purposes Office!

Somaliland Delivered Successfuly Aid To Eastern Regions Of Sanaag & Togdheer Families That Has Been Severely Affected By Drought While World Food Program WFP & FSNAU Failed Their Fundamental Purposes Office!

International Communities and U.N. are pissed because we didn’t asked aid food from them but we organized our selves as a community and collected donations from Somalilamd population, who greatly took part for the rescue of their own by delivering water and food by the thousands.

International Non-governmental Organizations didn’t lift a finger because as we are all aware of they never deliver anything on time because it has to be cleared from Geneva passing into multiple steps and that is why in all U.N. missions you see on televisions that people died starving because of the lack of engagement from the so called United Nation. And all the organizations with in it do profit from the suffering of drought and all the funds they do get from donors are never properly allocated and ends into millions of other entities that have been contracted for implementation.

This is why billions of funds got poured into Africa as a aid and tend to end into the pockets of delegation that spend a week or less with ten of thousands of accommodations and travel allowances and all their projects are never done on time and properly engaged, and yet they put so much pride in their tones when ever giving press conferences.

In Somaliland for the past 25 years international Non-governmental Organizations tried so hard to create the need into Somaliland by never succeeding because of our cultural heritages that obliges us to never wait from any Party when it comes to the rescue of our people needs. we’ve managed with our own abilities which is our dear heritage to individually become all volunteers as one to collect funds, clothing and all other necessary needs to the families in Eastern Somaliland regions that had severely been affected by the drought.

The biggest assets of this country is its people and their unique cultural heritages that always put the international communities in an uncomfortable position because they love and enjoys people’s needs and specifically to ask for aid.

Nothing is free when it comes from international communities or Non-governmental Organizations and the whole purposes they have been created is to make us dependable and lazy.

A British MP was in Somaliland and she said today that they will do something about the drought but as we are all aware of there are may international Non-governmental Organizations that are here and very much aware of our situations who send reports everyday and that their mandates are foods chortages related and again let me remind you we the people of somaliland delivered all the necessary first emergency needs to our people much better than World Food Program with out being equipped with all their logistics, offices, branch’s and statistical analysis with our basically cultural heritages implementations by only being Somalilanders not as World Food Program and Food Security and Nutrion Analysis Unit who are present all over Africa.