Somaliland: Energy Minister and GENEL distributes food aid and Water to 1600 Drought affected Families In Saraar Region

Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh, Minister of Energy and Minerals this week distributed an assortment of food stuff and water to more than to drought families in saraar region.
The consignment of the food aid was donated by GENEL ENERGY INTERNATIONAL.

Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh speaking during the distribution of food rations to the affected families he said, “I have come here today to not only distribute the water and food but to check the overall situation of drought.

The Minister went on to say, ’The current drought has affected many region in in the country that’s why we asked GENEL ENERGY and three other companies based here to assist us and thanks to Allah they generously responded to our request and so far, we have distributed an assorted food stuff and 60 tankers of water to at least 1600 families based in Waridad and Bali Arrale districts.

On the other hand, Ali Mohamed Farah, District administrator and Abdi Qani Saleban Mayor of Waridaad speaking on behalf of the affected families thanked the Minister of Energy and GENEL ENERGY for the water and food donations. The Minister of Energy is the first official from the government to reach the affected areas.

Mr. Abdi Abdillahi ,GENEL ENERGY country representative speaking during the handover ceremony of the water and food aid said , “After we received an urgent appeal from the Minister of Energy and Mineral’s on the dire situation in the drought affected areas , we decided to respond.