Somaliland: FM meets with German Envoy

The Minister of Foreign Affairs met with the Deputy German Ambassador Markus Bollmohr, who was accompanied by Judith Hopp representing GIZ. This was the first official visit of the Deputy Ambassador since his recent appointment and provided him with the opportunity to meet the Foreign Minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire. The Minister thanked the representative of GIZ for the ongoing support it gives to Somaliland and anticipated improved cooperation given their increased presence. GIZ is set to meet the Minister of Planning to discuss the launch of new projects.

The Somaliland-Germany Business Forum that had originally been set to take place in Berlin, Germany in August was postponed due to technical issues, but it is now set to take place on 10th of November instead. The Minister views the forum as critical to take advantage of the enthusiasm displayed by both German and Somaliland business persons. . The Deputy German Ambassador vouched to do all they could to help facilitate the Forum

The Foreign Minister also provided clarification about the reasons for the delay of the elections which is a decision solely based on the long-term interests of Somaliland. He noted that the President had made a carefully considered, legitimate, and widely supported decision based on political, constitutional and technical grounds.”

The Foreign Minister also briefly discussed the concession deal signed between DP World and the Republic of Somaliland, as well as the importance of the Berbera Corridor which connects from the Port of Berbera to Ethiopia.

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