Somalia: PM appoints former envoy as Defense Minister

Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Kheire on Sunday named Mohamed Mursal Osman as Somalia’s new defense minister after his predecessor left the office on October this year.

The Former Somalia envoy to Turkey was announced to head the ministry after an appointment statement which is released by the PM’s office on Sunday.

The new minster who also served as Energy and Water ministry in the government of prime minister Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke is due to replace Abdriashid Abullahi who had resigned last month.

Mohamed Mursal was also the first Somali envoy to be sent to Turkey since the collapse of President Barre’s Gov’t.

The appointment comes as Gov’t and AU troops intensified their war against Al-shabaab.  The group which is also took credit of deadly attacks in Somalia aims to impose its own radical brand of Islam on the horn of African country.