Somaliland: Parliament approves separation of elections

Presidential and parliamentary voting will not run concurrently

Parliament condemns IGAD blanket statement

The members of the Lower House of the Parliament has passed the motion reiterates that the Presidential Elections is to be held as scheduled and that of the parliament be postponed until further notice.

The amendment will now be sent to the Upper House of Guurti, who will then pass it on to the Supreme constitutional court for ratification according to the laws.

This comes hot on the heels of the political parties having failed to resolve the parliamentary equitable or quota seats issue having passed the buck back to the Head of State.

The President in turn after weighing the sensitivity of the matter in the background of the last bit of the piecemeal pacifications to stabilize the country underway, he thought it best to separate the concurrence hence let the parliamentary elections off the hook until further notice.

As per the parliamentary move, the Presidential and parliamentary elections were slated to be held on the 17th of March 2017, but as from the ruling, it will only be the Presidential one which will go on as scheduled.

The Parliament at the same time voted on a motion that condemns the IGAD blanket statement over the former Somalia’s sovereignty, a fact that directly attacks Somaliland’s integral rights, essence, aspirations and evidence on the ground.

Perhaps none other than the MP Hon. Yasin has put it right.

Said he, “If IGAD talks about the sovereignty of Greater Somalia that includes the NFD, Ethiopia Zone 5, Djibouti etc, then yes, we would whole-heartedly welcome it”, and added, “but if it is the status quo, then it’s all a laughing stalk”.

The MP stated the loosely translated sentiments upon coming out of the August House after the 52 aye votes was cast in favour of separating the elections.

On the  International Community (IC) frown of consternation over SL’s move, the MP said in a likewise ironic manner, “We thank the IC partners who have supported us all through”, he said, and further continued, “such extensions of the legislative tenures were done before on flimsy grounds hence the IC kept mum,..”-meaning that why should they now holler when the justifications touches on the nation’s stability nerves!

He said that with all respect due, this issue was important as far as the peaceful stability and harmonious cohesion of the state and nation-hood of SL was concerned.

Similar statement was echoed by the deputy speaker Hon. Bashe Mohammed Farah, who chaired the session, to reporters afterwards.

He underscored the fact that Somalilanders knew about their plight more than everyone else hence knew what issue required prioritization.