Kulmiye’s Chairman tells Somaliland leaders to not to address issues through the media.

The chairman of the ruling party who is also the Kulmiye flag bearer in the Presidential elections Musa Bihi Abdi has called for calm and passionately appealed to the Dararweyne/ El-afweyn communities of Sanaag region to forthwith stop the animosity and fracas between them that has already claimed fatal casualties.

The chairman was speaking yesterday in a press conference he called at his office whereby he was categorical that “fueling bad blood” only worsened situations.

He sent condolences to the people who have so far died in the unfortunate incidence in the area that gun-tootlers waged.

He appealed to the youth and elders of the area to forge for unity and avoid the situation whereby enemies of Somaliland could manipulate.

Chairman Bihi at the same time asked the residents to work with the members of the security forces to ensure that peace and stability is maintained instead of battling them.

It is reported that amongst the fatalities of the skirmishes are senior military official.

On the other hand chairman Bihi asked the national leaders, particularly the ministers and parliamentarians to desist from answering themselves through the media.

He was speaking about the 6 locations in the north of Hargeisa whose boundary matters has always been an issue that has not been addressed hence have costed the area residence not to exercise their political rights in the past.

On the boundaries issue the chairman was categorical that it was as per article 27 of the local governance constitution thus as per the 1960 colonial districts and divisional borders.

He called for conciliatory talks to put things right and asked politicians not to fuel matters to un-bound limits.