Amoud was a unique secondary school in the Somaliland; I graduated it forty years ago,” Kulmiye’s Presidential Candidate

Addressing the graduation ceremony of Amoud University, the Somaliland presidential candidate of the Ruling Party Musa Bihi Abdi narrated the ample history of Amoud University to all Somali-speaking people. He likewise stated that Amoud was among the first schools built for Somalis in order to enhance their literacy.

Musa Behi Delivers Amoud University Graduates A Lecture On Education, Lauds The Incumbent President
Musa Behi Abdi delivering education keynotes to Amoud University Graduates

Stressing the indispensability of security, knowledge and resources, Mr Musa Behi, Kulmiye’s chairman said, “Yet, we have a lot to do – we have not reached at the peak of all the accomplishments we had promised. Let me remind the audiences that for a society to reach prosperity, three things should be considered. Firstly, security; if security is not tightened, then no prosperous country exists. The second which is also vital is the education – illiteracy only brings about backwardness. And the third which seems the most important is the resource. Without resource, even the first two sectors cannot be attained.”


Similarly, the chairman of Kulmiye reminded the audience that knowledge is by far the most imperative resource which leads all nations in the world and which of course causes the tangible developments reached by the world. “Through knowledge, we have done more so far. Through knowledge we led our people. A prime example is that Amoud is a masterpiece university. Amoud was a unique secondary school in the region; I graduated it forty years ago – Ahmed Silanyo, the incumbent president of Somaliland, graduated the school sixty years ago. It is my pleasure to see the secondary school changed to University. I express my sincere gratitude to the scholars led by Professor Saleban who strived and successfully done that work,” said Musa Behi Abdi, Kulmiye’s nominee for the presidential candidate on March, 2017.

Security Forces and Rankings

Kulmiye’s flag bearer, Musa Behi Abdi, has also dashed on the importance of keeping the nation stable. He also pointed out that his government was the only one that designated the police ranks in Somaliland. Talking about these matters, the chairman said,“To reach all milestones, Kulmiye knows the importance of peace, stability and the tranquility of all nations in the world. As you know, Somaliland security forces had not any rankings at all. Addressing the above challenge, Kumiye knew the importance of rankings and hence implemented that task. All the previous governments failed to carry out that task. This widely helps orders, directives and instructions flow in order. For instance, police officers respect their colleagues as part of the insignias on their shoulders. All the preceding presdents found challenging but fortunately the incumbent president of Somaliland Ahmed Silanyo carried out. ”


Speaking about the importance of developing Somaliland and the approaches to be followed, the presidential candidate of the ruling party said, “After finishig all those tasks, we have explored and scrutinized the development of the country and the appropriate approaches to be followed. Investment is the most crucial step to take forward. Somaliland retains the biggest cement factory in the region but unfortunately we failed to welcome the investment and we castigated it. In addition, for a country to develop there should be an exploration on the country’s oil. We received a company tasked to exploring Somaliland oil. The company commenced the exploration activities in our country which yet remains internationallay unrecognized. Unfortunatley, our people could not put up with that and we suspended the company. The last one which we received is DP World giant firm which will invest our port. Thanks to the parliament which endorsed the concession agreement.”

Musa Behi reiterated the vitality of ameliorating knowledge on all sectors. He further went on and said, “Let us ask our selves the question: why did we fail to engage all those vast projects? A simple answer can be the lack of knowledge. That is why we need educated people.”

“Our slogan is “choose the quality, not the quantity.” Let us avoid the bad attributes – our society need qualified doctors, engineers, and scholars who are committed and dedicated to their jobs.”


Last, but not the least, Musa Behi Abdi urges all Somaliland citizens social integration and sees as a dynamic and structured process. Calling upon this, the presidential candidate of Kulmiye Musa Behi Abdi said, “The time of social integration has arrived. Doctors hailing from Borama should visit and treat Laasaanood residents and vice versa.”