Somaliland: SCA Whistle Blows on Deputy Livestock Minister

Ali Mohamed Elmi, Somaliland deputy minister of livestock

Somaliland can and shall be prosperous when corruption is leveled to the ground thus brought to zero nation.

This is according to the Somaliland Contractors Association-SCA, a non-profit and non-political pressure group whose main agenda is to whistle-blow on corrupt public servants.. It also solicits and publish periodical bulletins regarding cur-rent country’s corruption level.

It fosters and encourage potential contractors, trade union and other business community not be a targeted victim but it strongly encourages to show their power to change paid behaviors including corruption, malpractices , poor governance and lack of the rule of law.

In its latest bulletin SCA focuses on the award of bouquets to worthy officials and barbs to the corrupt.

Among those awarded bouquets include the foreign affairs minister, former coast guard commander and the Chief Justice while the biggest barb is honored to the deputy minister of livestock development Ali Mohamed Elmi Whom the local whistler blower terms as the most corrupt official in the administration of president Silanyo.

Among the mal-practices attributed to the deputy minister include massive land grabbing and promotion of clan politics through mobilization of Berbera community to reject the new investment by DP World

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