Somaliland New Travel Advice


Somaliland New Travel Advice:  Changes, Requirements, Processes, Applications and Obtaining Visa to Somaliland as Issued by the  Immigration Department of Somaliland on the dates  April 24 and July 9, 2016: 

The Immigration Department of Somaliland of the Ministry of  Interior of the Republic of Somaliland decreed guidelines on obtaining entry visa to all Somaliland ports for the Somaliland nationals holding foreign passports coming from abroad with their final destinations to Somaliland as well as the foreign nationals coming from abroad. For this, the Immigration Department of Somaliland issued the decree of the Reference Number WSW/H/F1/137/2016 dated on 24th April, 2016 under the subject “This Circular supersedes and replaces the related circular issued by the Department of Immigration on 23rd March 2016,” and was circulated to all the Airlines operating in Somaliland, the key Ministries including Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Ministry of National Planning & Development, Ministry of Aviation & Air Transport, and Ministry of Trade & International Investment and to all Immigration Ports of Entries as well. All Somaliland Representatives abroad and the Somaliland Diaspora Communities Committees have also been notified upon this circular for the enforcement of this rule

Read the below blink to understand the categories of the travelers who are allowed to obtain visa on arrival and those are required to get it from Somaliland Liaison Offices abroad such as in  UK, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, USA, Canada, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Yemen etc

CLICK HERE TO READ: the full terms of the Circular and the New Changes

The Diaspora-born children of Somaliland origin can obtain visa on arrival: 

The Immigration Department of the Republic of Somaliland also issued the decree numbered as WSW/14/F1/196/2016 dated on 9th July 2016 titled ““Notification of Obtaining Visa.” This circular states that the Diaspora-born children of Somaliland coming home from abroad. Under this rule, the Immigration informs all those it concerns as the earlier decree that all the Diaspora-born children of Somaliland origin but holding foreign nationalities can obtain visas on arrival in the same way as their parents can get on arrival in all the Immigration Ports of Entries in Somaliland.

In light of these, all Somaliland nationals coming from Europe, Canada, America, Australia, Asia and elsewhere are informed to be aware of this rule and print the copies of these circulars in this website and in the other websites of Somaliland when buying tickets from all Airlines and Travel Agencies and to take with them at all the foreign airports on their way.

Download from here the Somaliland Visa Application Form