Somaliland: Jamal Urges youth to have real political ambitions

Mr. Jamal Ali Hussein, The presidential flag bearer of the Justice and Welfare Party (UCID) has called for the country’s youth to put more work in to having the kind of political ambition that might one day help them to be part of the country’s leadership.

Mr. Jamal Ali Hussein described in a brief writing he posted that his return from work abroad to join and test himself in the country’s political arena was a very valuable experience for him which might as well encourage fellow young men and women to have real political ambitions if there is to be an outlasting transformation of the country and only then will the older generation step back in to a more secondary role in the country’s leadership to let the youth take charge of their future.

“ I have learned a lot for the past 5 years since my return home and since I actively got involved in the country’s politics, which I was also involved for the past 20 years before that but indirectly, I realized that it was essential to give a try and serve the country while i am strong and young not when i am retired and frail,”  continuing his message Mr. Jamal said “ I believe that is an encouragement for those youth with top level education who see no way to country’s leadership as they are denied by senior politicians who rotate the country’s leadership among the older generation of politicians, sadly many of those senior politicians do have much lower educational and competency levels than the youth they block their way, I encourage and call for the country’s youth to have their own leadership ambitions, they must work for that and it is only then that the older generation of politicians will give them their chance as the country’s first leaders,”

“Nobody will gift it us on a silver platter, if we want to lead we have to fight for it, everything i have learned and experienced for the past 5 years encouraged me to fight even more, I feel huge political burden on my shoulders when I see the countless young men and women graduating from schools with no employment prospects as unemployment is so widespread.” Mr. Jamal concluded his brief message.