Somaliland: Happy 18 May 25th anniversary to all Somalilanders.

I wholeheartedly congratulate all Somalilanders on the occasion marking the 25th anniversary after restoration and rebirth of the Independence of the Republic of Somaliland.
Without doubt or question, it is the most memorable and glorious date in the history of our nation, which symbolises our people’s collective determination, particularly the undaunting courage displayed in fighting to rid us the repressive dictator and oppression of the country.

This is the day of liberation, the day of independence of our Motherland from what is formerly called greater Somalia that we have made it or created in the foremost place.
I want to have the universe know that we built this nation from scratch and all that today’s achievements are founded along with the unconquered people who together with its people of the Diaspora, local residents and nomadic people that contributed in preserving or keeping the humanity from the dictatorship governing with its tyranny and oppression.
We will let nobody go and violate the great victory gained through efforts at the cost of the aliveness of every Somalilander.

Somaliland now walks on a celebrated path of productive labour and recreation. We have managed to move it alone in total confidence as an independent state with a stable and dynamic economy with its own currency, passport, democratically elected government, parliaments and local authorities, well trained army and fast growing education sector.

This holiday holds a peculiar and significant meaning for every citizen as expressed in the enthusiasm and the spectacular celebratory moods shown in the complete unity of the nation.
Once again, I passionately congratulate you on the magnificent and remarkable day of celebrations exhibited – to commemorate the 18th of May 1991.
I ALSO congratulate and wish for happy 18 MAY to all the men and women in uniform (The National Army). We thank you for your sacrifices in the defence of our hard worn freedom, peace, constancy and stability. There’s no honour greater than the honour of serving your country.

On this especial day, I cheerfully wish for all those who have already served in the past as well as those who are now serving in the army, good health, happiness, successes in your service and work for the safety, security and welfare of all Somalilanders.

May the footmarks of the Republic of Somaliland will forever be covered with grandeur, perpetual success and eternal prosperity, Ameen.
We also congratulate and salute those who are building Somaliland future.

The actions and the deeds of the people of the great patriotic war deserve eternal recognition from international community. The nation that suffered horrific damage from the disloyal aggression was creating the victory which came at a high cost.

Every year brings its successes and problems. This year the country was challenged by prolonged droughts nevertheless, the government and the general public stood shoulder to shoulder in the emergency relief effort characterised by generosity and compassion to help out their fellow citizens in the affected communities without outside help. I similarly thank the president and his government for the recent signing of the auspicious investment agreement for the development of Berbera port terminal and Berbera corridor, which will no doubt take Somaliland economy in three times bigger. And as a nation, we thank and appreciate the president of Somaliland for his achievements, accomplishments and contributions to our country, in this prospect, I courteously and politely urge the president to seek more investors to unlock the potentials of the Berbera cement factory, the vast coal deposits and the abundant mining opportunities. (

On this cherished festivals day allow me, from the tail end of my heart, to wish you all` happiness, good health, good future, peace and love and success.
My message to those who do not like our peace and prosperity must and should know or recognise that our Armed Forces are capable of protecting the Republic of Somaliland and becoming a reliable backup for our masses.

Finally, Happy 18 MAY to you all wherever you are.
Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama