Somaliland: The Case of Recognition Conference

Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on Tuesday night hosted a well-attended forum dubbed “The Case of Recognition Conference” which brought together both international and local scholars, politicians ,SL diplomats and local citizens meant to formulate an effective approach to deal with obstacles facing the recognition quest .

Since , Somaliland retook its independence in 1991, there have been multi- dimensional challenges against Somaliland foreign policy. The challenges have led to ineffective diplomacy challenges which have made the country to remain in isolation for years.

The objectives of the Recognition Conference:-

  • To understand the rightful cause of Somaliland
  • The best strategies to achieve international recognition
  • To establish lobbying group to support the country’s recognition quest

Among the notable were:-

  1. Somaliland Minister of Foreign affairs and International Dr. Saad Ali Shire who gave in-depth briefing on the recognition case.
  2. Matt Bryden , Chairman of SAHAN Pathfinders in policy and practice who gave briefing on the Historical perspective of Somaliland and the way forward.
  3. Captain Iain King, former British army and head of Somaliland peace haven briefing on the Historical perspective of Somaliland and the way forward.
  4. Mohamoud Hussein Farah, Dean at the college of law University of Hargeisa informed on international law and right to determination.
  5. Gerard Prunier briefed on the Independent past and international existence.
  6. Hussein Bulhan, President of Franz Fanon University Hargeisa on the prospects of Somaliland/Somalia.

This was followed by a Q&A session on the part of presenters and participants and followed by a Documentary film comparing past and present s in Somaliland.

The expected outcome of the recognition conference is as follows:-

  1. Conference Report.
  2. Set of achievable strategies for the recognition quest.

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