Somalilanders start celebrating 18 May in colors, in style (images)

All across the Republic of Somaliland, Somalilanders started off celebrating the 25th anniversary of 18 May 1991 – the day that Somaliland restored an independence it lost to Somalia in 1960 – days off.

This year being the Silver Jubilee commemoration of a day dear to Somalilanders, the young started coming up with novel styles that show off the resplendent colors of the Somaliland flag colors in the best light possible.

The radiance and beauty of youth of revelers so complement the colors that the images never fail to delight the beholder.

Social media pages in recent days explode out with the joy and colors that vie for the surfers attention.

In the wake of a number of nationally monumental  achievements such as the latest MOU with DP World on Berbera Development, the nomination of heavyweight members of a National Recognition Committee, and the like, it is expected that this year will leave behind memories that will further imprint the national wish on the international community.




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