Somaliland: Rwanda hosts 26th World Economic Forum on Africa, Somaliland Participates

Rwanda began hosting the 26th annual World Economic Forum on Africa from yesterday. More than 1,500 delegates from global and regional corporations are expected to attend this summit.

The theme of this year’s summit is: “Connecting Africa’s Resources Through Digital Transformation”.

“The digital transformation gives us the possibility of rapid progress. For example, in trade in Africa, taking into account the energy deficit, taking into account respect of agriculture. I will focus on these three. To this you can add the e-commerce. Just in 2013, I said that there would be $8 billion at stake and it is estimated that if we can accelerate the pace of 2020, 2025 this could rise to 50 billion,” said the Director of the World Economic Forum for Africa, Elsie Kanza.

The overall theme for the forum whose main meeting is held in Davos, Switzerland every January is, ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’. The theme seeks to open up discussions on how African economies can use digital technologies to facilitate development.

Rwanda’s Finance Minister, Claver Gatete, said: “How we grow, what are the challenges that we have on the African continent, how we think and act about it? We will not only think as what the government can do, but also what can the business do. How we can work together to ensure sustainable development.

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