Somaliland: Tensions are running high in Buhodle

The special vehicle of V8 Toyota brand of Puntland Vice President, Abdihakim Abdilahi Omar aka Amey seized by defected driver. The vehicle now in the hands of Somaliland defense forces stationed in Widh Widh.

The car has been brought to Somaliland by his special driver after he claimed that he did not receive his monthly salary for the past six months.

In addition, special forces have taken the responsibility of maintaining law and order in Buhodle and said the Khatumo militia leaders particularly the ringleader of the group, Ali Khalif Galeyr is instigating violence and acrimony in the region. They have stated that unless prevented will lead to bloodshed.

The officers have called on Ali Khalif to withdraw his forces from the town and if he fails to heed the call then they will be on the brink to a war with his group.