Somaliland: New Horizons in Egyptian cooperation with Somaliland – Egyptian FM

Said Ambassador Mohamed Idris, Assistant Foreign Minister for African Affairs, he held a meeting at the Foreign Ministry to follow up the results of the visit of the Egyptian delegation headed by him recently to Somalia, and to put the executive steps of the areas of cooperation with the Somali people.

Included Egyptian delegation’s visit Somaliland, representing a new stage of Egypt’s communication and cooperation with Somaliland.

Assistant Foreign Minister He added that members of the Egyptian delegation expressed at the meeting referred to, expressed their appreciation for witnessing Somaliland political stability and the restoration of peace and security and unremitting efforts in order to achieve development in various fields.

Assistant Foreign Minister stressed that the meetings that took place with the President of Somaliland, ministers and officials Somaliland are of great importance in giving a boost to the fruitful cooperation and achieve common interests, where Egypt is looking forward to the continuation of such visits and the constant communication with the brothers in Somaliland confirmation of the historical depth of the Egyptian continue with Somaliland, and in order to move towards new horizons of cooperation which supports peace, stability and development and achieve common vital interests, supports the will of the Somali people and its choices in determining their political future.

Source: Gomhuria online