Somaliland: Dr. Gaboose Disowns Interview by Rogue Website

scandalous Somali language website known as Hogmal has published and distributed a malicious article about  a prominent Somaliland neurologist  and seasonal politician Dr.Mohammed Abdi Gaboose.

Narrating the story to the Horn Newspaper  Dr. Gaboose said that the website allegation were untrue the rogue website christened Hogmal claimed that it had interviewed Dr. Gaboose  and  went further to report that the doctor had verbally attacked  the personality and health status of the party of justice and development chairman Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe.

Doctor Gaboose told the Horn weekly that there was no place he held  an interview with any journalist from the  Hogmal website so he was dumbfounded  and shocked how people with little or no knowledge in journalism could go to malign others.

“Those are not my words and not my behaviour or habit I never  speak such a language.” Said the Neurologist.

He said that those publishing such misinformation do not fear God or have no training of   the  ethics of journalism.

“They have written about an interview without even seeing me, I’m saying a second time these are not my words.” The doctor emphasized.

He told Somaliland nationals to wary of news from such outlets which seeks to capitalize in spreading propaganda because their only interest is to sow discord among  brother  and peace loving people.

Horn Newspaper