Somaliland: Irro’s Regional Tour

Addis Ababa— on March 28, 2016, Somaliland Speaker of Parliament arrived in Addis Ababa in his first leg to enhance bilateral ties between Addis Ababa and Hargeisa and continued to fly to Kampala the next day. His regional tour means to revive Somaliland diplomatic position dwindling in the regional and the global sphere following the death of Somaliland’s foreign policy after high turnover of men in charge whose the subject of diplomacy is closed book to them. Although guiding Somaliland’s diplomacy isn’t his job per say, he voluntarily did after Somaliland’s president nominated multiple Political Action Committees for Recognition . But their efforts gone in vain! For they’ve no network or connection to global diplomacy; they never had ambassadorial role ever! But he had. Therefore, they don’t know how it works.

Tower Hamlet Councilor Amina and Sheffield City Councilor Ma’aruf whose English command far worse the average India fooled president’s First Family for telling UK city municipalities can recognize other countries that not in full one package like South Sudan but recognition packaged in retail like quarters and halves which never happened in diplomatic history.

Hon. Abdirahman M. Abdilahi known as “Iro” in Kampala to meet business leaders and government officials whom some their forefathers originate from Somaliland.

The Speaker of Parliament visited Uganda several times unnoticed by the media, seeking advocacy for Somaliland’s cause that partially died of Kulmiye’s recklessness.

His rival in the next presidential elections, Muse Bihi a man with zero network in the region and foot soldier for Somalia’ Siyad Barre and Somaliland’s Egal during deadly Civil War where he earned ‘exceptional heroism’  following killing off his maternal uncles and beyond made surprise visit to tribal villages out of envy to his rival Iro! Wherever he goes, he asks the government to transport people to his destination to welcome him in the villages where all the people are Wadani opposition party fans. Muse is very deluded, self-conceited, and with overinflated expectation to win in the next elections 2017. But the good news he is timid and accepts dictation under pressure. Last time, he declared to run for office while the president still a candidate but belatedly accepted a defeat and conceded to the president humiliated.

Mr. Iro trained in the ex-Soviet Union of various postgraduate studies and also in the US where he earned MBA from Albany School of Business. Iro is linguist— he speaks at the least 6 t0 7 languages from English to Russian to Arabic while his rival, a candidate from the Ruling party Kulmiye aka Gar-adag creation speaks none! Mr. Iro worked with Somalia foreign ministry before the wars. He was resident ambassador in Moscow for many years in the Soviet and post-Soviet. Later moved to Finland where he founded charity organisations to help his unfortunate Somalis arriving in Europe as refugees. But the politicastro Muse Bihi being Mujahid or proud warrior who wages Jihad against anyone differing on opinion, sparing lives is the most abhorrent thing to him. He loves solving problems violently and looks up to people like Charles Taylor, and cities Joseph Kony and Janjaweed’s miraculous way.

Before his departure from Bole Airport to Enteppe, “my trip to Uganda is to strengthen ties with it because Somaliland needs friends from all over the continent”. He also wants to congratulate the recent Ugandan elections that passed peacefully.

Wadani opposition party leader as well as the Speaker of Parliament may pass to other countries in the region if necessary. But Somaliland government failed to send minister to Uganda started to create political chaos in the Parliament dividing MPs on clan, and party affiliation lines. Whenever he’s on business for his unrecognized country, Silanyo-led government either funds puppet courts or ministers to bribe immoral MPs to shorten his trip. MP Mohamed Ali Hirsi known as Obama is instrumental in calling the Speaker to resign for baseless accusations. Mr. Hirsi has been Junior Assistant to the Speaker and getting fatty tips from him but the Speaker demoted him for disciplinary.  It’s second person demoted in two years and both got upset, Bashe the deputy’s seat lowered to invisible and picked up fight the Speaker. But why is exposing their dirty laundry? Assistants are like VIP doctors, it’s illegal to talk about the patients they treated.  Also, the assistant job is rotating (or xilku waa meerto).

Wadani party locally performs amazing amassing most voters from municipal election. The next presidential election given on survey by independent pollsters in Somaliland proved that Wadani party is far ahead than his closest rival Kulmiye of Muse by thousand miles. Any rigging will lead to all-out war between Wadani party supporters in Awdal, Baligubadle, Saxil, Maroodi Jeex,  Togdheer ,and Sanag, on one hand, and the RRU, ragtag police under the watch of anonymous commanders on the other.

Dirye Somaliland Activist whose works appear in many publications, he lives on twitter: @mrdirye