Somaliland: Turkey plans to see the resumption of Somalia/Somaliland talks

Turkish government has decided again to resume the stalled talks between Somalia and Somaliland.

Turkey said that it has embarked on a diplomatic mission to shuttle between the authority of Somalia with Somaliland counterpart to breach the gap between the two administrations on the stance of the resumption of the dialogue which the Turkish government brokered and hosted several rounds.

The collapse of the last round of talks in Turkey was blamed for Somalia administration which included its representatives at the talks individuals hailing from Somaliland by nationality.

Diplomats from both sides met in the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) sidelines to find a resolution to the standoff which led to the total collapse of the talks.

This was revealed in a statement posted on TIKA’s twitter account. Delegations from Somaliland and Somalia will travel to Istanbul which is believed to be part and parcel of Turkish government’s efforts to bring the two sides closer to reach a mutual understanding of the issues that created the misunderstanding.

A delegation from Turkey which visited Somaliland recently met with Silanyo and told that their mission is to see the resumption of the dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia.