Somaliland: Marodi Jeh regional court rejects the arrest of journalists

Provincial court in Hargeisa has rejected the order from the ministry of interior demanding a warrant of arrest issued which could see the apprehension of Hubaal Somali newspaper founder, Mohamed Ahmed Jama aka Alolay and the Editor-In-Chief, Hasan Husein Abdilahi aka Keef Keef.

The ministry of interior officials went to Hargeisa regional court appealing that an arrest warrant should be issued against Hubaal editor and the founder. The ministry accuses the paper of publishing an article that the interior minister has congratulated Wadani party candidate vying for the parliament election in 2017 that he chose the right party.

The paper quotes that the minister said that Wadani is the party that will bring together all people in the future.

The regional court in Hargeisa has informed to the ministry of interior that the court has stopped issuing the arrest warrant in order to apprehend journalists.

The court stated that a case should be filed so that reporters who are sued should have the chance to defend against their allegations while enjoying their freedom.

This is the third time that a court has rejected the gov’t to allow the arrest of reporters and hear the case.

The supreme court chairman, Adan Haji Ali has made the rejection ever since he assumed the chairmanship of the country’s Supreme Court.