Somaliland: Saferworld to train local observers in the forthcoming elections

A delegation from London based Saferworld arrives in Somaliland today. The non-profit organization works with governments on the promotion of democracy, conflict prevention and peace building strategies.

The delegation from Saferworld has held talks with the chairman and presidential contender of Somaliland’s ruling Kulmiye party in 2017 presidential polls.

The two sides have discussed on ways that the Kulmiye party and Saferworld should work together.

SaferWorld has promised to provide training to election observers of the ruling party in the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Kulmiye chairman has welcomed the seminar that Saferworld is to train local observers.

Saferworld delegates were among Oliver Chevraen, who is in charge of project management, Marjorie Walla, an adviser and Saferworld Somaliland representative, Abdijalil Dahir