Somaliland: Calls on House speaker to resign gains momentum

Calls for the current speaker of the house of national assembly is gaining momentum as members of the house have voiced their loud and clear voice that Hon. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi aka Iro who served as the chairman for over 11 years as the house’s most powerful person should go. The house of national assembly is the first democratically elected house in 2010.

House members have leveled accusations against the house speaker and further called on him to leave from the office gracefully.

If the corruption allegations are true then he will face indictment and that will pave for him to be brought before a court for trail over his corruption practices.

Somaliland citizens felt that the house speaker has allowed the country leadership of president Ahmed Silanyo to impose heavy tax on ordinary citizens.

There are statements coming from both the ruling party and the opposition groups that the house speaker cannot hold two posts and the constitution does not allow.

Mr. Abdirahman is the leader of Wadani national party where he is vying for the presidency in 2010.

Many analysts have said that he is using the country’s national budget to propel himself as the next leader of Somaliland after president Silanyo leaves office although Musa Bihi is the favorite to beat him in the elections.