Somaliland: Interior minister delegation flies to Djibouti

A delegation headed by Somaliland interior minister, Ali Mohamed Waranade and is accompanied by all heads of country’s forces have arrived in Djibouti for talks according to reports.

The mission of the visit embarked by the interior minister to Djibouti is to hold talks with Djibouti government officials over the clash of the two marines on Sunday.

The incident left one dead and an other sustained injuries over the fighting between the Djibouti marines and that of Somaliland.

Djibouti marines were chasing a fishing vessel which it is believed to have crossed into the territorial waters according to reports.

Somaliland marines tried to intervene the matter but fire exchanged led the death of a marine from Somaliland.

Djibouti, Somaliland are two neighboring countries that share borders in the sea and land.

Expectations are high that the talks that the two sides are due to hold in Djibouti will bear fruit and will enhance the bilateral cooperation between the countries.

SL informer