Somalia on alert over possible attacks on ports


Somali government has beefed up security around ports in the country, in an effort to thwart possible attacks by the Al-Qaeda linked Al Shabab group, officials said on Wednesday.

The militant group had earlier targeted Mogadishu port, however, most of the attacks were foiled by security forces who shot dead the attackers before being able to enter the port.

Officials at the Somali intelligence agency told the state-run media that the agency had received information about an Al Shabab plan to attack several ports in the horn of Africa nation.

Ports are major revenue sources for the western-backed government which largely relies on donors funding to maintain its existence.

The officials who requested anonymity declined to give further details about the development.

However, Al Shabab has carried out multiple deadly attacks across large parts of Somalia as parts of guerrilla attacks it stepped up since the ouster of its fighters from the capital Mogadishu and surrounding regions by allied Somali and African Union forces.

Most of the attacks targeted Mogadishu which is recovering from decades of war.