Somaliland: Mogadishu Government instigates hostility in Somaliland

Khatumo militia have on Thursday paraded heavy weapons, ammunition and battle-wagons in Buhodle which is believed to be provided by the weak Somali Federal Government and which is doing all it can to further incite hostilities in Somaliland.

The militia group promised to defend against Somaliland army’s aggression which as they claimed is violating their soil.

Somaliland defense forces have been moved and established bases in Egag which is in close vicinity to Buhodle.

There is a high possibility that Somaliland’s defense forces and those loyal to Khatumo insurgents in Buhodle region.

Somaliland president HE Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo ended months of bloodshed in Buhodle region after SSC insurgents and Somaliland army clashed on numerous occasions which lead to loss of lifes and the destruction of properties.

The deal that was signed by Somaliland president and the current minister of health led to restore hope that the region which was plagued by recurrent hostilities should move forward.

Former Somalia prime minister and current lawmaker Ali Khalif is the ringleader who is fueling the fire in a region which is enjoying a period of peace and stability and yearning for development projects.