Somaliland: Government wants to resume talks with Somalia

The Republic of Somaliland said  it seeks to resume talks with Somalia that collapsed last year after the two sides maintained a firm ground against each other, a move officials said complicated mediation by the Turkish government which sponsored the talks, minister said.

The development comes few months after Somaliland shunned Turkey’s mediation and host, demanding a ‘neutral’ venue for its talks with Somalia other than Turkey which sponsored previous rounds of talks for the two sides.

“We want to see the talks between Somaliland and Somalia resumed and have it making headways to become fruitful.” Saad Ali Shire, Somaliland’s foreign minister in a speech he delivered at the Somaliland’s upper house Tuesday.

Mr. Shire hasn’t nevertheless stated whether there’s another country which is willing to host the third round of talks.

In addition, the miister had underlined that Somaliland’s ‘independence’ would remain out of touch during the talks as opposed to Somalia’s efforts to convince the enclave to reunite with Somalia, an approach long dismissed by Somaliland.

No comment could be reached from Somali government on the development. Somaliland which had declared a unilateral independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991 has been seeking an international recognition; however, no country has so far recognized it as an independent state.