Somaliland: OIC Delegation arrives in Somaliland

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (IOC) has dispatched a high-level delegation, led by the Suadi Arabian ambassador to Kenya, Ali Osman and accompanied by Saudi National Campaign, the Regional Director Sa’ad Abu-Muhanna Al-Suweyd and The acting Director of the OIC Office in Somalia Mohamed Idle Sabrie.

The mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia delegation flanked by IOC officials are said to respond to the dire humanitarian relief efforts in Somaliland.

Somaliland Vice president met with the visiting IOC delegation and the accompanied by Saudi officials.

They have announced that they plan to distribute 25 tons of food rations to the drought stricken families in Hawd and Gabiley regions.

The delegation stated that they plan to implement water reservoirs and health centers in Somaliland.

The delegation said that they are about to meet with foreign minister to hold discussions with facilitation of the food aid.

The Vice president has thanked the delegation of their visit to Somaliland to provide relief efforts.