Somaliland:Civilian Injured after Rival Police Factions Clash in Las Anod

The town of Las Anod was rattled by sound semiautomatic gun fire for nearly one hour last night after two factions attached to the Somaliland Police force clashed in which a bystander being injured.

The incident which took place last night was instigated by police officers on duty at the station refused fellow officers following the orders of the regional police commander attacked and tried to arrest a fellow police officer attached to Las Anod Police Station who had been previously manhandled by the regional police commander and his officers.

Residents of Las Anod town who gathered outside the police station said they saw many bullet holes in the sentry walls.

According to reliable sources, one bystander was injured by a stray bullet.

Both the regional administration or the police headquarters had commented on the issue at the time of our reporting.

The Horn Tribune