Somaliland: Information Minister Hon. Osman Abdilahi Sahardid meets Media

The Minister of Information, National Guidance and Culture Hon. Osman Abdilahi Sahardid,  in an unprecedented move, officially met and interacted with media practitioners at the office of the ministry of information today.

The minister of information acknowledged those present to share and exchange views on important issues surrounding the media industry and how to address these issues in order to continue to enjoy the right to access information and use them to advance people’s lives and development in Somaliland.

“The right to freedom of expression is one that is enshrined in our Constitution, but it is important that we must know that this comes with a responsibility,” said Osman.

The minister has warned all media practitioners to refrain from disseminating false information that may lead to violence and unrest in the country.

He urged all working journalists to stop spreading news that will cause the collision of two clan ethnicity in Somaliland.

He called on the media to act with a sense of responsibility and must stop broadcasting news of a traditional leader threatening national security.

It is stated firmly that all media practitioners should refrain from spreading news that will have a negative impact on the national security .

The minister, Osman has added that media should not publish articles that may put danger the consolidating ties between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

He said it is ethical to stop smearing campaign to a citizen or public official or figure.

Somaliland Informer