Somaliland: Wadani Chairman, Iro’s Ten Year Tenure As Speaker Of The House Of Representative,Was It a Blessing Or a Curse? Part One.

Somaliland electorate has every right to evaluate the history and previous engagements of any one who

seeks to be elected for the president of Somaliland,It is constitutional and democratic right to shed

light his personality,leadership,political orientation,integrity,decsion making,stamine,loyality,recent

history and past history.

Hence, Hon,Abdulrahman Irro’s ten year tenure as the speaker of Somaliland house of representative is

sufficient enough to understand and evaluate him personally and professionaly.

The house of representative has tremendous and comprehensive legislative powers according to Article

54 of the Somaliland constitution:

The legislative powers of the house shall extend to the following financial matters:

1.The imposition of taxes,duties,and other schemes for raising revenue.

2.The establishment of a somaliland income fund or other funds which are earmarked for specific


3.The printing of currency and the issue of bonds,other cerificates and securities.

4.The regulation of the economy and the financial system. (Article 54 of Somaliland constitution).

Furthermore,article 55 of the Somaliland constitution provides the house of representative sweeping

powers to regulate the government budget.

1.The house of representatvies may debate and amend the budget,and approve it by a resolution.

2.If the new budget is not approved before the start of the new financial year,the old budget shall

continue to be in force until suh time the new one is approved.

3.The house of representatives shall approve any expenditure which is not included in the budget.

4. The annual accounts shall be presented to the House of Representatives within six months of the end

of the financial year to which they relate, and the House shall debate them and reach a resolution


5. The Auditor General shall have responsibility for the presentation of the annual accounts.

Similarly,the constitution clearly shows that the house of representatives can initiate laws to the benefit

of Somaliland citizens,without making an excuse that the exectutive did not bring bills to the house.

According to article 74 of Somaliland constitution bills (draft legislation may be introduced at the house

of representatives by:

1.The council of government (the cabinet).

2.The requisite number of members of the house of representatives as laid down in rules passed by the


3.Except fo financial bills, at least 5000(five thousand) citizens who are eligible to vote.

In light of the above background,did Abdulrahman irro failed or succeeded to exercise the constitutional

powers of the house of representative to serve the interest of Somaliland citizens. On the other parts,I

will analyse,the bills the house should have tabled in, in the wider public interest but failed to do so,the

houses check and balance apparatus,has it worked as intended or not?, as speaker of the house of

representatives did he use the post for the bettermant of Somalilanders or the promotion of his political

agenda?,did he led the house with vision and exemplary leadership?,where his good governance and

anti corruption credentials stand in light of how he managed the house and its resources?,his numerious

foreign trips and qeust for Somaliland recognition,can we deduce his level of patriotism in light of his

leadership of the house?,is he a good decision maker and innovative leader?,Somaliland youth and the

performance of the house of repersantative.