Somaliland: Government determined to bring the culprits to justice

Somaliland’s minister for home affairs, Ali Mohamed Waranade has talked about the plotted assassination of late Brigadier Abdirisak Yusuf Mohamoud aka “Asayr” who was shot to death by a group of unidentified gunmen yesterday at Biyoolay district in Sahil region during an ambush.

The minister of interior has sent his sincere condolences of the family, relatives, friends and Somaliland citizen for losing such a man in uniform who was on duty and was serving for his beloved country.

The minister has revealed that the government has launched a man hunt operations intended to bring the perpetrators of the horrendous attack to a court of law.

Mr. Ali has said that traditional leaders who are believed to be the mastermind of the assassination are behind bars.

He called on Somaliland citizens to restrain from any acts of violence until the culprits are brought before the justice.

A delegation headed by Somaliland vice president flanked by the minister of interior are in Sahil region to take in charge of calming down the tension and conducting a security operation that is expected to lead the apprehension of the criminals who are thought to be hiding in the mountain areas.