Somaliland: sends Puntland a stern warning

The minister of Information, Osman Abdilahi Sahardid alias “Adani” has sent stern warning to Puntland violations on Somaliland’s sovereignty. The minister speaking on behalf of the nation said that the aggression is meant to fuel clan hostility and acrimony in the restive regions in Somaliland.

The minister has revealed that Somaliland remians committed to defend its terriroty from the violations made by Puntland provincial adminstration in Somalia.

The minister has called on Puntland administration to end the meddling of its internal affairs.

The minister has sent a message to the international community and has reiterated that Somaliland is well known for maintaining law and order and further added that it lives side by side with its neighbors in peace and stability.

On the other hand, ruling party presidential hopeful, Musa Bihi Abdi has also made the same remarks on the aggression made by Puntland, a provincial administration in Somalia which makes constant violations when it comes to Somaliland’s borders in Sool region.

He stated that Somaliland is losing its patience over Puntland aggression into Somaliland territory.

The presidential candidate has said that Puntland will be held accountable to its actions.

Hon. Musa has made the comments during a tour to the ministry of information premises on Tuesday.