Somaliland: Presidential Committee on Economy meets with Top TELESOM Executives

The presidential appointed committee tasked to look into the economic issues and inflation, chaired by H.E Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismail Saylic today at the Presidential Palace meet with top executives of TELESOM, one the leading telecommunications company.


During today’s meeting the members of the committee and TELESOM top executives discussed ways in which the current economic issues, its causes, its impact and possible alternatives of reining in the situation and stabilizing the local currency exchanges which has dipped in favor of the USD.

The meeting concluded after both sides brainstormed and exchanged ideas and finally coming to the conclusion that it’s was in the interest of all to work together and cooperate so the  lower current rate.

Today’s meeting is the latest of serious of similar meetings in which the committee meet with local money changers and economical experts in a bid to gather ideas and advise from the broader spectrum so as to find a lasting solution on solving the problem.

The horn Tribune