Somaliland Delegation off to Nairobi, calls for an end the war in Galkayo

A large delegation from Somaliland leaves for Nairobi today.

Minister for foreign affairs, Sa’ad Ali Shire, minister for health, Suleiman Isse Ahmed and Somaliland’s chairman of constiutional court, Adam Haji Ali.

Minister for foreign affairs, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire leading the delegates to Nairobi has told the press that they will meet with embassies and agencies that supports Somaliland’s development projects.

The mission of the trip is to enhance the working relations with the embassies and agencies that assist Somaliland on wide range of development projects.

The UN has facilitated the trip and made appointments with agencies and embassies that the Somaliland delegates will meet

The minister has revealed that they will meet with Somaliland expatriates in Kenya.

Speaking on the ongoing warfare in Galkayo, Somaliland FM states that their stance is to live in peace, stability side by side with their neighbors the likes of Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti.

Puntland and Galmudug clashes in Galkayo over the building of a road.

The hostilities claimed the lifes of scores of innocent civilians and still is raging between the two forces.

Puntland accuses of Somalia authority of fueling the fire in Galkayo by supporting Galmudug.