Somaliland: Ministry of Education faces Scholarship Fraud

Two public high school student graduates are likely to hold a peaceful protest against the ministry of education over mismanaging a scholarship scheme that sends Somaliland students to neighborng countries.

Plans are underway that students who graduated from Farah Omar and Dayib Gurey high schools to hold protest to voice their concern in which they accuse the ministry of education officials of committing widespread corruption when it comes to scholarships for Somaliland students.

Boards printed could be seen in local printing press in Hargeisa which calls the government to act on the fraud scholarships that have been implicated in the ministry of education.

Details are sketchy over when and where the students are to hold the peacaful demonstrations.

Students who have said that there is schoalrship scam have held talks with education ministry officials but they were not satisfied with their statements.

President Ahmed Silanyo of Somaliland has recently named new education minister who has replaced his predecessor who resigned over political difference with the president.

It is not yet known if the new minister will launch a probe into the fraud scholarships for Somaliland students.

Somaliland has escaped much of the violence that impacted the southern somalia over the past two decades.

Somaliland is a broke away republic from Somalia in 1991 but it has not been internationaly recognized as an independent state.