Somaliland: New Foreign Affairs Minister takes Office

The Former Minister of Foreign affairs and International Affairs Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis handed the mantle to the new Minister of Foreign affairs and International Affairs Dr. Sacad Ali Shire today during a ceremony held at the green plaza Hotel.


In a press statement released by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Affairs stated as follows:-

Today was the Handover Ceremony held at Green plaza Conference hall. We are sad to see our previous Minister leave from the MFAIC Minister Mohamed B. Yonis. Leadership changes are never easy for our country. Mohamed B. Yonis has been an exceptional leader at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. President Silanyo handpicked Mohamed B. Yonis to become Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs on 25 June 2013, and since then the Ministry’s profile and mandate has expanded domestically and internationally.

There is no denying that Minister Yonis’ former positions have given him a head start in foreign relations; however that should not take away his efforts in forming new and fresh relationships as a Minister to enhance Somaliland’s profile at an international level and strive closer to achieving recognition for the nation.

The Minister’s immense efforts for international recognition should not be overlooked. He is often criticized of travelling frequently but as Foreign Minister his obligations consist of
forming strong, noteworthy and sustainable alliances with foreign countries, and this cannot be obtained sitting behind a desk in Hargeisa. However, Minister Yonis’ overall reputation within Somaliland is a respectable one, he is seen as a humble, educated and dedicated man, who’s years of hard work have now been invested in his country. He is worthy of our gratitude and our continuous support in his future endeavors.

We welcome our new Foreign Minister Dr. Saad who was formerly known as the Minister of National Planning and Development. Minister Dr. Saad mentioned ” I am looking forward to be the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland”.

The Horn Tribune