Somaliland: Heavy rains and storms leave hundreds without homes in Somaliland

Jabbala storms accompanied by heavy rain and winds batter the shores of Bulahaar and Lughaya in north west of Somaliland.

The storms which pounded the shores have left behind destruction which affected the inhabitants in nearby regions.

Reports coming from there confirm that a vessel has been destroyed by the heavy winds and floods.

The storms and heavy winds as result of floods contribute to the rise of tides from 7-8 meters.

It is reported that people living nearby the shores have been affected leaving people to flee and displaced by the new storm.

It is said that the floods swept away livestock from inhabitants nearby the shores of Bulahaar and Lughaya.

At least hundred families fled for their lives after the floods swept their livestock away.

Mr. Abdi Yusuf Ali who is in Lughaya has confirmed the storms and its implications.

He appealed to the gov’t and international aid agencies to respond to the needs of the displaced people.

They need urgent humanitarian response from aid agencies at home and abroad.

He said that the displaced people are urgently in need of tents to shelter from the storms after losing their belongings.