Somaliland: New Justice and Judiciary Affairs Minister Takes Office

New Justice and Judiciary Minister, Ahmed Adarre was officially installed in office, in the presence of the outgoing Minister Husein Ahmed Aidid today.

Former Justice Minister who was among mass of ministers that resigned from the gov’t on October, 26 after standoff within the ruling party led him and his allied ministers to resign.

He has welcomed the new minister to office and hoped that he will do his duty with effeciency.

The ceremony saw the attendance of Chief justice of Somaliland Hon. Adam Haji Ali and other judiciary officails.

The newly appointed minister who assumed office today thanked the Head of State for his trust and promised to continue the work of his predecessor.

Chief Justice, Adam has praised the outgoing minister for his service while in charge of the justice ministry.

He said that the former minister has done a lot when it comes to the accomplisment of reforms of the justice and judiciary in Somaliland.

He aslo welcomed the new minister in charge now of justice with open arms and hands.

His appointment was announced  by President Ahmed Silanyo, replacing Mr. Husein Ahmed IAdid , who had served in the post three years. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Addare has been deputy minister at the ministry interior.

Mr. Addare has praised his predecessor for his service and went on to say that history will write down all the accomplishments that he acheived during his tenure as the minister of justce of Somaliland.

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