Somaliland: Hon. Abdiaziz Samaale Collects Kulmiye’s Central Committee members ID card

For the past couple of days media outlets published news reports claiming that former Somaliland minister of finance has been expelled from the party but all that news has been refuted by the minster himself who visited Kulmiye headquarters on Saturday morning.

He was get registered and was issued his ID card that will allow him to take part the central council congress which is expected to kick off just within a matter of three weeks.

“It is a great pleasure for me to come to the party headquarters to collect my ID card”, said Samaale.

He thanked the secretary and the haed of the party who briefed him about the preparation which is underwya smoothly at the main office.

Mr. Samaale who is among the presidential candidates has hoped to see free and fair elections to happen in the party.