Letter to the future President of Somaliland

Mr. Future president of Somaliland There are a lot of things I want to say to you. It’s just that it’s not easy to put it into one article or one word. It feels like a huge amount of energy is amassing inside of me, but let me to write it down something that I can remember in this article we’ll focus on the letter to the future president of Somaliland also I hope this article will be continuous, because I am one of the Somaliland generation who is thinking the future of Somaliland and sometime I ask myself how things will going on, We don’t  know who you are, even we don’t care which clan you are, even we don’t need to know which party you are ,even now we don’t need to know your full name, whoever will lead the country will be our president

Dear future President of Somaliland, please don’t forget us because you will be our guardian, you will be our parent, you will be our leader, you will be our dear president don’t you know that will be! This country will  give you big opportunity because we will vote you and we will allow to manage our financial structure ,our future plan, our life style and  so on, keep in mind dear future president of Somaliland  it’s where you were born. It’s where you first took your first breath, your first footstep. It’s where you reach your personal success, it’s where you got married and had your first born– never forget that

I would hope and wish that your judgment will be fear and I want you to realize that we are all equal, we all deserve good things in life – we all deserve to be happy, because my vote will not be for you only, I would hope and wish our vote will care us but not to kill us dear future President of Somaliland,

I would hope and wish that hundreds of dirty politicians will be around you, who are in it for only their gain but dear future president of Somaliland don’t listen them please, but you could use like tool,

The importance of the future president of Somaliland needs to be understood, the million challenges will come infant of you, clan problems of Somaliland. There are more shortcuts ways you can solve the problem. We need courageous leadership from you.

As a Muslim and as Somalilanders, I urge your attention to helping Somaliland in the following areas and also I want people to pay their attention to this issues

1: improve the way that Somaliland relate to the world

It’s time for Somaliland to develop its self and respect for others. It’s a time for rebuilding relationships with the international community. It’s time to empower the world for good

Many country around the world no longer respect us, but fear us. They no longer see our leaders as good, ethical and authoritative.


To be continue  

Name: Abokor Omar Osman


Address: 26 June district