Ireland: Somaliland Delegation meets with Diaspora community in Ireland

Somaliland delegation today held large meeting with Somaliland diaspora community in Ireland.

President Ahmed Silanyo and his delegation are in ireland after receiving formal invitation from Ireland leaders. Large numbers of Somaliland diaspora community who live in Ireland attend the meeting with the delegation.

Most of them showed homesick and a sense of patriotism during the hours they met with Somaliland delegates. The diapora were among women, young ones and intellectuals.


Ministers of health, foreign affairs, information and presidency have spoken to the diaspora by breifing them on the socio economic development and the peace and stability in the country.

They have told that the talks with Ireland leaders were so fruitful.

President Silanyo thanked the diaspora for the warm welcome and hospitality that they provide to him and his delegates. The president has reiterated that he will do all he can to push for the recognition of Somaliland.

He urged Somaliland people at home and abroad to remian united.The delegation headed by Somaliland president is due to travel to the UK.