Somaliland: President Silanyo and his delegation arrive in Ireland

The delegation of Somaliland president H.E Ahmed M. M. “Silanyo” arrives in Dublin and senior Irish foreign affairs ministry, Somaliland representative to Ireland and other advisors greeted the president at the airport.

Somaliland diaspora community in Ireland was also part of the welcome of the president’s visit to Dublin.

The president will start holding talks and discussions with Irish government officails.

Furthermore, president Silanyo is expected to meet with Somaliland community in Ireland.

Members that are accompanying the pesident in his historic visit to Dublin are:

1. Foreign Affairs Minister Hon.Mohmaed Bihi Yonis

2. Health Minister Hon. Suleiman Isse Haglatosiye

3. Minister of information Mr. Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir

4. Presidential affairs minister dubbed as the most powerful minister in Silanyo’s gov’t Hon. Hirsi Ali Hasan

5. President’s special secretary

6. First Lady Ms. Amina Weris

7. Munir Egal -SLNTV