Somaliland: Hargeisa Regional Court remands the four singers for 7 days

Marodi Jeh regional court in Hargeisa has today remanded four members of Horn Stars band for seven days.

The four singers were returning home from Mogadishu after police immigration in Hargeis airport detianed them and were later tranfered to Hargeisa central police station.

The reason for the apprehension comes after flying to Mogadishu without the knowlegde of Somaliland gov’t and sang songs which are against Somaliland’s statehood.

They are also allegedly accused of waving Somalia’s flag during the Mogadishu show.

Two of the detianed singers are paid on monthly basis by the Police while the other two singers earn monthly salaries from the ministry of information  and Culture.

Somaliland citizens have supported the apprehension of the singers by Somaliland security forces.

The court is due to hold further hearing on the case of the detained singers in Somaliland.