Somaliland: Four dead, four others remain at large in Hajj Stampede – Assistant Minister says

At least four people that hail from Somaliland has been confirmed dead in the Hajj hajj stampede that claimed more than 700 Hajj performers from different nationalities.

Somaliland Assistant Minister of religious affairs Hon. Nur Osman Guleid has broken the news to the press.

He went on to say that four others have gone missing and remains at large.

He responded to statement claiming that the committee for promotion of Virtues and the prevention of Vices in charge of executing the duties of the ministry of religion.

He responded that this commission is part and parcel of the ministry.

The crush took place in Mina, on the outskirts of the Muslim holy city, where some two million people are at the annual pilgrimage.

Mina is where pilgrims go to carry out a symbolic stoning of the devil by throwing pebbles against stone walls.