Somaliland: Ethiopia hands over 75 youngsters to Somaliland

The Ethiopian Federal Gov’t on Saturday afternoon handed over 75 Somaliland youngsters who were arrested on route to risk their lives in the perilous journey to the Sahara desert and reach the shores of Europe seeking better life. The youngsters were nabbed in the border between Ethiopia and Sudan.

Deputy head of Wajale Immigration police Mr. Ahmed Nur Aqli was present during the take over of the 75 SL citizens who were mainly young men and women.

Somaliland authority promised to handover each and every person to their parents and urged to have faith on their country.

Some of the youngsters who spoke to the media have admitted that they have seen the perilous journey.

They have seen that their freedom and rights were deprived. They went to numerous jails and have gained much experience.

The Ethiopian farmers and police are on high alert and are in cooperation to arrest any one who is willing to travel to Sudan via Ethiopia.