Somaliland: Ministry of Sports Lauds Dahabshiil Group for Continued Support of Youth, Sports Facilities, Activities

The Republic of Somaliland Ministry for Youth and Sports, today, applauded the continued role that the Dahabshiil Group of companies played in the encouragement and support of youth and sports activities.

His Excellency the Minister for Youth and Sports, Ahmed Abdi Kahin, speaking at an occasion held at the main Hargeisa Sports Stadium to mark the companies’ rebuilding and rehabilitation n some major sections of the soccer and athletics stadium this year, stated that he had no words to summarize the Group’s overall support.

Ahmed Abdi Kahin | Somaliland Minister for Youth and Sports

“These year’s activities the progress of which we are marking here today exemplify the indefatigable spirit of Dahabshiil’s altruism and the companies’ unparalleled social responsibility agenda,” he said.

The Minister hoped that the Group not only continue its highly lauded support of both emergency and development programs but that it step it up to cover more activities across the regions.

Mohamed Hussein Dhabbeeye | Director General

Mohamed Hussein Dhabbeeye, the Director General of the Ministry, highlighting a few landmarks of the Group’s contributions to the Stadium and sports, in general, said

“the day that Mr. Abdirashid Duale, Dahabshiil Group CEO, attending a ceremony for Group B teams that the companies supported, espied that some of the teams had no shoes on. He asked us why they were not and if the ministry wanted support to cover that. We told him”, he said “that some of the teams left some of their gear behind in their haste to arrive at the ceremony on time but that, however, the ministry could use a rehabilitation of the stadium itself, The Group CEO accepted the request on the spot and turned a broken down, shamefully dilapidated sports facility into the modern ground you see today”.

The DG went on to extol the many more programs that the Group kept contributing to since then.

“The tradition of awarding wheels (car) to the best player of the team which Dahabshiil started continues,” he said to illustrate an activity among those he alluded to in his earlier statements.

Mohamed nuux
Mohamed Nouh Jibri | Director of the Sports Department

Mohamed Nouh Jibril, the Director of the Sports Department, who spoke of his view of the Group’s relations with the ministry before the both the DG and the Minster, said the companies enjoyed wide support among youth in Somaliland, generally, for lending an attentive ear to almost all major requests that the ministry or tournaments’ organizers submitted them in youth and sports development.

Khadar Abdirahman | Somtel PR Manager
Khadar Abdirahman | Somtel PR Manager

Khadar Abdirahman, Somtel PR Manager, who set off the pace of the speakers at the beginning of the ceremony, outlined the Group’s preparations for the upcoming regional tournament which included the live coverage of the events, the rehabilitation of some sections of the Hargeisa Stadium and that of the Basketball.

“The Group brought regional tournaments to life by beaming a live coverage of on-going matches out to the outside world and the Somali Diaspora communities which has become a standing feature in regional events,” he said.

Mohamoud Nouh Mohamed | Dahabshiil Group Marketing Coordinator
Mohamoud Nouh Mohamed | Dahabshiil Group Marketing Coordinator

Mohamoud Nouh Mohamed, Dahabshiil Group Marketing Coordinator, promised that the ongoing construction and rehabilitation activities which included a police post inside the stadium would be completed on the highest standards set forth by the Group.

Abdirashid Farah Ahmed | Dahabshiil Group COO
Abdirashid Farah Ahmed | Dahabshiil Group COO

Abdirashid Farah Ahmed, the Group COO, leading the Dahabshiil presence present that included Prof. Hassan Heiss, Head of the company’s PR office and Saad Musa Abdi, Head of Advertising, promised that the company will never cease to contribute o socially important events such as sports tournaments.

“The Group,” he said “sunk in more than 200 000 USD into the stadium and follow up activities in 2012/13 which included coverage and awards. The companies did not stop there and that is why we are here today to witness yet more input into the stadium and to prepare for the forthcoming regional tournament.”

The Chief Op undertook to present to viewers’ a higher definition, multi-angled coverage of the matches as the drone-mounted movie camera that the Group sponsored gets into action.

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